By: Adrian Gutierrez

Sing praise to God above, all ye nations.
Praise him, ye people, all ye souls on earth.
For he hath shown his kindness toward us,
His love and merciful kindness,
And the truth of God lasteth forever,
For all eternity.
Glory to the Father and to the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
As it was then and will ever be,
Both now and always through the centuries.
Everlasting, Amen.

Once upon a time, there was a boy who loved God, and God loved him. As the boy grew older, he grew to know God even more and grew to hear His voice. Along this journey, the boy strove to be perfect, to be all that God wanted him to be, not to be obedient, but to earn God's love. Now, he did not have to earn His love, but only accept. However, he did not know this, so he went through life, broken, because he did not understand, could not comprehend God's love for him.

One day, that same boy met with a woman, a woman of God, who loved God very much; the boy knew he could trust this woman. "Where do you want to be, concerning your walk with God?" asked the woman. The boy replied, "I would like to get to the point where God accepts me and loves me for who I am, despite being who I am, and what I represent: unworthiness."

The woman looked at the boy, quiet, pensive, and emotionless.

She spoke, and said, "What if I told you that right now, without changing anything about yourself, that God loves you, accepts you, and sees nothing but His son in you? At this very moment, He sees all of these qualities when He looks at you. What do you think about that?"

The boy stared, almost rudely, with a blank look, at the woman.

A very long pause...almost too long.

Then, down came his tears.

How do we get this way?

God loves us, and as Psalm 117 states, "...For he hath shown his kindness toward us, his love and merciful kindness...the truth of God lasts forever..."

Glory be to God for showing this truth. His love for us is truly everlasting!

Dear Father, thank you...thank you that we are called, that we have the privilege to worship you and praise your name. Thank you for the promise of everlasting life, of everlasting love, and for carrying each one of us through the good and the bad in life. All that we have experienced, we count it all for good, because you are at work, Lord, every day and everywhere: thank you.
We love you and thank you.
In Jesus name,


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